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includes features that otherwise would cost hundreds, and keeps you from having to pay anyone to update your pages

LetterUpdate allows you to update a page on your website without knowing anything other than basic word processing. Many authors use these pages as weekly or monthly "letters to readers," which tend to draw them back to the page. With most hosting companies, even minor changes cost money. With preferred hosting, your cost for unlimited changes?

CalUpdate combines easy editing with a program that generates an online listing of book signings, radio interviews or other events. Your cost?

FanMail™uses Active Campaign's powerful 12-all Broadcast Email, configured to work with your page, and designed to send out emails that match your page.

Free-standing, web-based email programs often run as much as $39.00 a month -- without hosting. With the premium package, your cost:

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Why list with is designed for authors, by authors, dedicated to helping authors sell their books online.

Published authors who have websites can sell their books online and keep profits that would otherwise go to online giants like Because authors don't earn any royalties until their advances are paid off, most get nothing for online sales. In nine out of ten cases, authors never pay off their advance.

These authors have websites, do book signings, and spend time and money promoting their books, without any hope of earning a penny for their promotion efforts.

With authors can start earning money on book sales immediately. You also know instantly who is buying your books, and get personal message from book buyers. breaks down this final barrier between the author and the reader, creating a connection that helps both the author and the reader.'s main page allows readers to search for books by title and author. When they find the book, they get the URL of the author's website. They click on the author's website and buy the book directly from you.

If you already sell your books online, this "listing" service is perfectly free for book buyers and authors. To list your book, click HERE and follow the directions.

The moment you finish, your books and Web site will be listed.

Everything will show up immediately

It's that easy.

And free.

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Do you need to know how to sell online?

If you don't sell your books online but would like to start, can set up credit card processing and an order page for you and get you selling as soon as you get the books.

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More importantly, SignedCopy.comallows you to build up a mailing list of customers who are interested in what you have to say. They will want to know about your book signings or interviews, or to hear about your latest books or articles.

Keeping them posted creates a loyal base, and increases sales.

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