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(and it can help drive traffic to your site)'s


includes features that otherwise would cost hundreds, and keeps you from having to pay anyone to update your pages

LetterUpdate allows you to update a page on your website without knowing anything other than basic word processing. Many authors use these pages as weekly or monthly "letters to readers," which tend to draw them back to the page. With most hosting companies, even minor changes cost money. With preferred hosting, your cost for unlimited changes?

CalUpdate combines easy editing with a program that generates an online listing of book signings, radio interviews or other events. Your cost?

FanMail™uses Active Campaign's powerful 12-all Broadcast Email, configured to work with your page, and designed to send out emails that match your page.

Free-standing, web-based email programs often run as much as $39.00 a month -- without hosting. With the premium package, your cost:

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If you've recently published a book, or designed a website, you can sell your own books, from your website, and keep the profits that would otherwise go to online giants like

Authors who sell their books online can buy copies at the author discount price (usually about 50 percent), sell the books at cover price, and keep the difference.

Some authors opt to open mechant accounts, but those accounts often come with steep monthly minimums and multiyear contracts that can cost you far more than you expect when you sign the contract.

Others use companies like PayPal, which have no sign up fees, and no monthly minimums.

If you know rudimentary computer programming, you can set up an account and design an order page yourself. You can then list your books with for free.

If you choose, can set up your PayPal account, design an order page for you, and set up a database that allows you to easily update your books and prices. All changes made to your account will be processed by PayPal. charges $149 to design the page, set up the database, and set up the PayPal account. The cost to members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors is just $99.00. There are no monthly fees or recurring costs.

Aside from making more profits, authors can also build a database of customers who have purchased their books, and may be interested in others.

Below is a description of how this works.

  • A customer orders a book from your website, using a credit card.

  • PayPal processes the transaction and emails the order information to you, along with the shipping address.

  • Shipping rates are added to cover flat-rate priority shipping. You sign the book, put it in a priority mail envelope and leave it for the postman. You never even have to go to the post office.

  • If there are no sales, there are no charges.

  • Authors buy books at authors discount (often about 50 percent) and keep the difference between the author's discount and the price of the book. If you have multiple titles, you can often buy backlisted or out-of-print books for a couple dollars.

  • In addition to selling the books, you can compile a mailing list of customers who bought your book and who may be interested in book signings or other books you publish.

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