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Navigating Through a Strange Land

Navigating Through a Strange Land is a compilation or articles and essays by doctors, psychologists and patients on the physical and psychic assaults faced by brain tumor patients. Click here to buy a signed copy.

A Message of Family

Reader's Digest's recently published A Message of Family includes excerpt from my book, along with a collection of stories by contributors such as Peg Bracken and Ira Berkow.

Read About Other Thriving Survivors

When you're first diagnosed with a "terminal" illness, it's easy to lose hope. Many, like David Bailey, have not only survived, but thrived. Check out his website or go to our Survivors and Thrivers page to read more or add your story.

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The American Brain Tumor Association

The ABTA is a superb resource. It has basic information for those who know nothing about brain tumors but also maintains lists of state-of-the-art treatments.Click here for their website.

Toward Journey's End

In some corner of our psyches, we all believe we're immortal.

This belief persists though we know intellectually that we are all terminal, drawn from the moment of our birth toward extinction.

In my case, that myth was shattered in the dead of the night, when a tumor announced its presence with a seizure so violent that I collapsed on a tile floor, fracturing my back.

Doctors scanned my brain. They discovered a growth the size of a boiled egg. A brain tumor. An astrocytoma.

It was malignant.

My life went into free fall. I felt confusion, fury. Mostly, I felt crushing guilt about the pain my death would inflict on Emmy, my beautiful three-year-old daughter. How could I leave her fatherless?

Even as I recovered from surgery, I started to write letters to her. I wanted her to know that I loved her. It hurt me that she might ask her mother, "What was daddy like?" That she would remember little or nothing about me.

It was in this process of writing that I discovered hope that not only helped my body fend off the tumor, but that also quelled the psychic turmoil that can make life seem meaningless.

Few appreciate that life's final passage -- a journey beginning after a pronouncement of almost certain death -- becomes an inner quest beyond sorrows toward a universal core. Like all passages, it is one of discovery.

My letters to Emmy are postcards from a storm, documenting that journey.

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