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(and it can help drive traffic to your site)'s


includes features that otherwise would cost hundreds, and keeps you from having to pay anyone to update your pages

LetterUpdate allows you to update a page on your website without knowing anything other than basic word processing. Many authors use these pages as weekly or monthly "letters to readers," which tend to draw them back to the page. With most hosting companies, even minor changes cost money. With preferred hosting, your cost for unlimited changes?

CalUpdate combines easy editing with a program that generates an online listing of book signings, radio interviews or other events. Your cost?

FanMail™uses Active Campaign's powerful 12-all Broadcast Email, configured to work with your page, and designed to send out emails that match your page.

Free-standing, web-based email programs often run as much as $39.00 a month -- without hosting. With the premium package, your cost:

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Promoting your books and websites

Far too many authors believe that the key to success is getting a book published and throwing up a website. It's not. Once the book is published, you have to find ways to promote it. The same goes for your website. If you have a wonderful website and nobody visits it, what you have is essentially a worldwide waste of money, no more effective than a billboard in a cornfield. can help with targeted web marketing programs that can drive people to your website.

Among other things, can:

  • Optimize your keywords so that search engines will find and display your pages
  • Place targeted advertisements in online "ezines" dispatched to people interested in your topic
  • Have ads about your websites appear on search engine pages, online magazines and even online newspapers whenever someone types in terms that deal with your topic
  • Arrange "link exchanges" so that links to your pages appear on other sites
  • Set up "click through" payments with so that you can generate income from people who click to Amazon from your page. This can also give you important data on how many people buy books from Amazon after visiting your site

These web marketing programs are tailored to your needs, with packages ranging from $25 a month to $500 a month, depending what you're seeking.

Many newly published authors, or authors with new books coming out, have already spent a considerable sum setting up and hosting their websites.'s marketing program, the only program designed soley for authors, is to drive people to that website to boost your overall marketing efforts.

Because these programs are tailored to your needs, we'll deal with you personally. Email us at or call (800) 678-1967 to give us an idea what you need.

-- Greg Raver-Lampman, Director,
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