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By M.J. Rose

No bookstore needed: Greg Raver-Lampman is out to make authors websites pay off, not just in a marketing sense but in tangible dollars. His new company,, is a way for authors to eliminate the middle man by cutting out online bookstores.

The system Raver-Lampman has designed allows authors to keep the profits that otherwise go to online bookstores. Those stores currently get 40-50 percent discounts from publishers. This is the same discount authors can obtain of their own titles from their publisher.

According to Raver-Lampman, with this new system, the author makes not only the profit from selling the book but also the royalties earned buying the book from the publisher.

Raver-Lampman first launched to market his own book, Magic and Loss, which was published by a relatively small house. But along the way he discovered selling books is not economically feasible for most authors who are not already in business.

"As a bit of a techno-junkie, I decided to use technology to break down this last barrier between reader and author," Raver-Lampman said.

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